How it Works: Buying a Home with Space Simply



Once you have decided to purchase a new home, your next step is to share your wants and needs with Space Simply. We will then pinpoint homes within the geographic area of interest you provide that will best match all of your needs and specific criteria, as well as any  wants and wish list items.



Before you get too far into the home buying process, you will need to secure financing. You will need to find a lender who will pre-approve you for your desired amount but, more importantly, you will need to decide what amount you are comfortable paying every month. Once you have decided on a budget, and been pre-approved, Space Simply will find properties that fit your budget and the needs of your family. If you are flexible with your overall budget and are willing to stretch it a little further for your dream home, that should be included.  



In the third step, we begin the search for your future home with the criteria provided to us in step one. It is our goal at Space Simply to make finding your dream home as effortless as possible for you, the buyer.


Make an Offer

Once you have found the house of your dreams, the next step is putting in the offer. At this point, Space Simply will begin to negotiate the best price for your home.  There are so many more considerations than just asking price when it comes to purchasing a home; we make sure that all of those unique elements  are factored into the offer.



The last (and most exciting) step to the home buying process is officially closing on your home. At this point, Space Simply, with your guidance, will have negotiated your offer and final closing price for the home of your dreams.  All that's left is to sign on the dotted line and enjoy your new space!