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How to Live in Your Home While it's Being Shown

How to Sell My House While Living In It

Trying to sell your home can be stressful but making sure everything looks perfect for potential buyers doesn’t have to be. Even though trying to live a normal life while your house is on the market can seem near impossible, there are lots of small things you can do to make the overall transition a positive one.

To make the process a bit easier, here are five tips for living in your home while it’s being shown:

Start Packing

Just because your home hasn’t yet sold, doesn’t mean you should wait to get a jump on packing. In fact, getting rid of some of the clutter you would otherwise have to stash is essential for living in your house while it’s on the market. Start with items that may already be in storage, like holiday decorations or infrequently used appliances, and pare down your home to the day-to-day essentials. If it’s in your budget, you might even want to consider renting a storage unit so those already-packed items can be out of sight and out of mind.

Master the 10 Minute Tidy

Learn More About Space SimplyKeeping a clean home can be tricky, but making sure your house is in showing shape 24/7 can seem insurmountable. Instead of feeling overwhelmed by a looming list of chores, develop a checklist of quick tasks you can accomplish in ten minutes or less before a showing. This can include anything from wiping down countertops and cleaning appliances to fluffing cushions and sweeping floors.

Remember Less is More

Even after you’ve packed and stored the non-essentials, you’ll always have the debris of daily life to deal with. Remember that when it comes to showing your home, less is more. You want potential buyers to be able to see themselves in the house in an ideal way. That means no piles of wrinkly newspapers or half-squeezed tubes of toothpaste lying around. Try to ensure that all surfaces and countertops are as clear of clutter as possible when a potential buyer arrives. Oh, and keep the dishes out of the sink!

Utilize Stow and Go Storage

Let’s be honest, completely eliminating clutter for your life is likely never going to happen. But your potential buyer doesn’t need to know that. Baskets, cabinets, and furniture with drawers are your new best friend when it comes to selling your home. Don’t overlook places you can easily tuck away personal items like dirty laundry, toiletries, and random tchotchkes when your home is being shown.

Create a Game Plan

Not knowing exactly when potential buyers are dropping by can be stressful. Ask your realtor to give you a certain amount of notice and try to schedule showings during a specific time window to ensure you’re not regularly caught off guard. When you do know someone is coming to see your space, have an away-from-home game plan for your family. Find a neighbor who can host a puppy play date to keep your pet occupied, or treat the kids to dinner at their favorite restaurant. Establishing some sort of regularity around the selling process will make the inconveniences of showing your home feel much easier.

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