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Is it Time to Move?

is it time to move

As the seasons change, many people start to wonder if it is time to move into a new home. There are many questions you have to ask and answer before you decide to list your home and put an offer in on your next dream home.

First, you have to ask, is it time to sell my home?

If your family has grown -- either larger or smaller -- changing your home is often one of the next steps. Because the Des Moines housing market has been so hot for the last 18 months, resulting in nearly 40% fewer homes on the market, supply remains limited. This obviously impacts the prices that homes can command in the Des Moines area. One other thing to keep in mind: homes are only staying on the market for about 71 days so it is important to plan accordingly. In our experience the best time to sell your home is when competing inventory is low which is when you can typically command the best price.

Second, you have to ask if it is time to buy a new home.

Because we have seen historically low inventory in the Des Moines housing market, prices remain elevated. Based on what we have seen in the industry this summer, you have to be prepared to pay a premium for your dream home in all the Des Moines suburbs. However, even with the lower inventory, because we are inching towards the colder months, there won’t be as much competition and you should be able to ask for a lower price on your purchase.

Once you decide that it is indeed time to move to a new house, you then have to pick which neighborhood or neighborhoods you’re interested in living. When thinking about where to live, some key things to keep in mind are:

  • Access to nature
  • School districts
  • Distance from work
  • Neighborhood culture

And finally, you have to determine if you’re okay living in on a corner lot or staying on the interior of the road. Corner lots have many pluses but also come with negatives. Corner lots typically come with added space (which also means more lawn to mow), fewer neighbors, and the feeling of more open space.

Take The First Step

If you’re still asking yourself if it may be time to move, we are here to help. Our simple process will save you time -- not to mention money -- and we are happy to meet with you to discuss our approach to real estate in Des Moines. Take a look at our listings and connect with us to schedule a meeting!