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The Ultimate Spring Cleaning Tips and Tricks (Checklist)

Looking For The Ultimate Spring Cleaning Checklist? Look No Further Than Space Simply.

After a long winter, it's time to crack open the windows and let the fresh air and sunshine fill your home! It's also time to perform our yearly Spring Cleaning tasks! Let the experts at Space Simply help you keep organized with these spring cleaning tips and tricks! Get all the dirty details here, then print out this spring cleaning checklist to make sure you don’t miss a spot!


Most individuals view their kitchen as the general “hub” of the home. It’s where we cook, dine, and congregate on a daily basis. Because of this, it’s important to pay extra special attention to our kitchen when spring cleaning. Even if you surface clean your kitchen each day, you’re bound to miss several hard to reach places, not to mention some areas that are just too much to handle on a daily basis. Here are some of the toughest areas to clean in your kitchen and tips to make it a bit easier:

Refrigerator: First things first, empty the contents of your fridge and freezer. Place freezer items in the sink to avoid soaking your counter tops with water from thawing food. Use mild soap and water to clean out the inside of your freezer and fridge. Now is a great time to clean the exterior as well. If you use your fridge to hang pictures, coupons, and calendars, take inventory and make sure items are up-to-date. Once you’ve rid the exterior of clutter, dust and clean all areas of the fridge.

Tip: Allow the freezer to completely dry before turning back on. Turn off the freezer to prevent a film of ice from covering the freezer surface.

Cabinets: Similar to the fridge, you should empty all cabinets before cleaning them. Now is also a great time to rid yourself of unused dishes taking up space. Next, dust and wipe down both the inside and outside of the cabinets. If you notice any dings in the paint, now’s the time to make touch ups. If you have older hardware on your cabinets, consider removing and cleaning them separately to bring back their original luster.

Tip: Install shelf lining to extend the life of your cabinets make cleanup a breeze.

Oven: Over the course of a year, the amount of build up that accumulates in our ovens can get to be a bit frightening. After you've finished cooking for the day, you're ready to begin cleaning. If your oven doesn’t have a "self-clean" setting, you will need to clean the oven by hand. Remove oven racks and apply recommended oven cleaner to the interior walls of the oven. While the oven cleaner is taking the time to set, scrub the oven racks either in a large sink or bathtub. Depending on the surface of your stovetop, you can take this time to clean drip pans and burners or clean the surface of your electric surface.

Tip: Place a towel at the bottom of the bathtub to prevent oven racks from scratching the base of the tub.

Pantry: Before attempting to clean your pantry, empty all contents and determine what you need and what you don’t. It’s easy to forget about items that get placed out of sight, so don't hesitate to throw away or donate what's not being used. Once everything is cleared out of the pantry, clean inside the shelves, around the baseboards and flooring.

Tip: Donate food items to a local pantry if you don’t see the ability to incorporate them into that week's meal plan.


You want your living room to be a space to relax after a long day, so take the time clean your most frequently used area. Here are some tops to get your living room in tip top shape!

Flooring: Spring is the time of year to either hire a company to clean your carpets or take it upon yourself to remove dirt from the winter months. Floor cleaning also applies to any other surfaces like hardwood.

Tip: If you’re uncertain of the finish on your hardwood, do some research before using a cleaner meant for specific finishes. Some cleaners can severely damage your flooring if not used properly.

Windows: Cleaning windows seems easy, right? While it may appear easy, cleaning your windows can take more time than expected if you let them get away from you. Allow several minutes per window, as cleaning is necessary for all areas of the windows including the glass and window frame. Use a vacuum attachment to rid your window sill of any unwanted dust. Once complete, use a damp cloth to clean the window sill and surrounding trim. Finish by using your preferred window cleaner on the glass for the last brightening touch.

Tip: Use a squeegee to remove water and cleaner from your window's surface.

Baseboards: Dust off the baseboards and then wipe down with a wet cloth or rag. Simple as that!

Tip: Do this before you deep clean the carpets in case you get unwanted dirt and grime on the carpet from cleaning.


A bedroom should be a place of refuge and tranquility in your home, so be sure to take some extra time to make this space especially clean. Treat your bedroom just as the living room when it comes to basic cleaning of your flooring, windows and baseboards.

Bedding: Wash all bedding, including sheets, pillowcases and comforter. You will most likely need a larger sized washer to do this, so plan a trip to your local laundry mat.

Tip: Line dry bedding for an extra fresh feeling.

Closets: Do an overall inventory and purge of your overstuffed closet space. If you're limited on closet space, swap out your clothing each season to maximize the use of your closet.

Tip: Turn all hangers backward in your closet. As you wear an item, hang it back with the hook facing the correct way. If you’ve not worn something for several months, you’ll be able to see what you’re ready to donate.


Because we use our bathrooms every day, it’s easy to overlook things. Just like other rooms in the house, baseboards and windows should be deep cleaned as previously described. Because showers, tubs, and sinks are already regularly cleaned, these items won’t take but a few minutes. One area that is easy to overlook is the walls. As we use our sink and shower, soapy water is bound to splash to surrounding surfaces. Take this time to gently wipe down the walls and cabinets with a wet rag to remove any build up.

Bathroom: When cleaning your bathroom, don’t forget to clean your curtain during the overall process! Grime and mildew are easily built up overtime on the base of the curtain. Additionally, the toilet is an area that collects lots of grime and bacteria, so give it the attention it needs!

Tip: Open windows to bring in as much light as possible and help highlight dimly lit areas of your bathroom. If you have an outdoor clothesline, try hanging your dirty shower curtain over it for easy cleaning!

Every Room is Important!

Be sure to give yourself adequate time for each room in the house. Even though it would be ideal to finish everything in one day, don’t be discouraged if you find it taking a bit longer. Don’t forget to use this Spring Cleaning Checklist to streamline your process! Selling your home? Connect with Space Simply online or call us at (515)423-0899.