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Same benefits, while costing you much less!

350,000 home, costs youhome, saves you

Traditional 7%24,500
$2495 flat fee plus 3%to buyer's agent12,995

SpaceSimply can save you up to 11,505

Every service that your Realtor can provide (& more).

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Space Simply is the easiest way to list and sell your home. Not only will your house be listed on the MLS, it will also be represented by an industry-leading Iowa Realtor.

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Why does Space Simply exist? Simple.

Cy Phillips

"Many homeowners want to sell their homes, but do not know where to start or don't have the legal resources at their disposal to do so. It is this shift that prompted me to start Space Simply. Space Simply simplifies and reduces the cost of selling your home, while helping you keep more of your investment."

Cy Phillips
President and CEO of Space Simply. Full Service. Flat Fee. Real Estate Services.