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Five Things to Look for When Buying a New Home

tips when buying my first home

One of the most important purchases you are likely to make in your lifetime is a new home. Not only is it an expensive purchase, but it will impact your lifestyle and happiness for years to come. There are many factors to consider when buying a new home and while the entire process can be daunting, if you take the time to outline exactly what you want from your new space, the task of finding the perfect home can become much easier. 

Here are 5 important things to consider


While there are a number of factors that are incredibly important to consider in your decision, the location might just be the most important one. Depending on your budget and the amount you are willing to invest in your new home down the line, you have a great deal of flexibility in terms of the appearance and feel of your house. After all you can renovate both the interior and exterior of your house as many times as your financial situation allows, but you can’t change the neighborhood you live in. How important is the school district, distance from your workplace, and proximity of stores to you? A conversation with your Realtor can help you find the right neighborhoods and suburbs which make sense for you and your future plans.


The neighborhood, school district, and area amenities are all important things to consider when choosing the location of your home. So ask yourself, what do you want to see when you look out your window? Maybe you see yourself drinking a cup of coffee on your deck overlooking a lake. Or maybe you’d prefer to start your morning with a run through the local trails. Do you see yourself in a neighborhood full of kids? Do you prefer to live with wide-open space? Once you narrow down the exact environment you’re looking for, you’re one big step closer to finding your dream home.

Home Size

Now that you’ve thought about where you want your house to be in Des Moines, it’s time to think about what you want from your actual home. Specifically, how big do you want or need it to be? It’s time to think about how many bedrooms and bathrooms you want. Is this a starter home and you only need a bedroom or two? Do you anticipate having kids, or do you already have them? If you have the space in your budget, the more bedrooms your house has, the better. Extra rooms can be turned into office spaces or home gyms. Your options are endless so get creative and start thinking about what you want from your space now and into the future.


So you already know how many rooms you want your house to be, but what do you want those rooms to feel like? You can always add artificial lighting to your house, but adding more windows to let in natural light can be costly. Think about what kind of space is the most relaxing or inspiring to you. Lighting is one of the most common overlooked features in the process of finding a new house. Do you prefer to relax in a cozy room lit with lamps, or would you rather spend your time in a room filled with sunlight?

Outdoor Space

Close your eyes and picture your dream home. Now walk outside, what do you see? Are you in the middle of a busy suburb living close by to your neighbors? Do you see kids running from house to house and nice sized backyards with swing sets? Or do you see yourself secluded in nature with a boundless scenic stretch of trees? Or maybe you see something in between. The size of your yard, your driveway, and your proximity to your neighbors are important things to consider when you think about your new home.

Your options are limitless when you consider what to look for in your new home. Focusing on these five things will help you guide your search and ultimately find your new space.

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