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What to Look For in a Realtor

Des Moines Real Estate Agent

Realtors in Des Moines seem to be on every street corner and office park, ready to help you find the house of your dreams. Despite that, you should not just pick a Realtor because they have an office in your neighborhood. Buying a house is a very personal experience and you’re going to be working with with person for hours with very stressful topics so you need to make sure it is a good match for both parties.

But what to look for in that relationship? If Realtors are everywhere, what are some of the qualities that make a good Realtor for you and your home search?

Des Moines Experience

Des Moines is a big city and being a top real estate agent does not come easily and does not come without hard work. Over the past few years, we have helped clients buy and sell homes throughout Des Moines. We don’t specialize in just one area or one price point; quite the contrary. We love the wide variety of clients we are lucky enough to work with as that affords us the opportunity to get to know everything about our great city and its suburbs. A good Realtor should know the ins and outs of all the different areas of the city.

Community Engagement

While this isn’t a requirement, the more Realtors are engaged in the community, the more they will know about up and coming neighborhoods. They will know which houses are new to the market, and they will understand all the trends home buyers should know about. Through a Realtor’s community engagement, they are likely to know about businesses coming into the neighborhood, where new schools will be built, and the pros and cons of each and every neighborhood.


Shopping for a house is already a stressful process so don’t let your Realtor add more by not being responsive to your questions. Want to see a house? A good Realtor will make it happen. Want to make an offer? A good Realtor will make it happen and they will advise you on the entire offer. Good Realtors will respond quickly and spend as much time as needed with you to ensure you find the home of your dreams.

A Listening Ear

Space Simply’s approach to working with buyers is simple: we want to help you find the home of your dream. When we first meet with you, we will sit down and learn about your wants and needs which will begin to paint the picture about what kind of house will suite your needs and where in the city they can be found.

A Realtor is meant to be your guide and we aim to be the best guide around. With our knowledge of Des Moines and our passion for helping people and families find the home of their dreams, we would love to talk to you about finding your dream home.

Let us help you! We are ready to help you find the home of your dreams. Just connect with us today and we will spend all the time necessary to help you in your home search.