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Should I Buy a House on a Corner Lot

Should I buy a house on a corner lot

Of all the questions you’ll have to answer as you shop for a house, one which you will have to inevitably consider is, “Should I purchase a house on a corner lot?”

One thing that homebuyers don't like to do is compromise on their dream home. When it comes to the yard, the bigger the better. The perfect space for a lot of people and families is a home with an expansive yard, the perfect playground for kids, and a place where the grownups can relax and entertain.

Oftentimes the corner lot provides ample space for everything a homebuyer desires. A corner lot also makes for only two immediate neighbors. The size of the lot and fewer neighbors can make it feel less crowded and more open.

But even with that added space, sometimes, the lot just isn’t perfect which is what turns some shoppers away from the corner lot.

Sometimes, corner lots come with weird configurations and at busy intersections. Many families with young kids (or those who are planning on having kids) prefer to stay away from those types of intersections.

Another drawback is the shear size of some corner lots. They can sometimes require more upkeep since more of the yard is visible and you’ll want to always keep up on the curb appeal.

All in all, corner lots have some great upsides and some tough downsides. The key thing to remember when shopping for your future home is to make sure you will be happy with your purchase; you want to be and we want you to be happy in your home for years to come!

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