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February is the Best Time to Sell Your Home

February is the best time to sell your home

Are you ready to sell your home? Want to ensure you receive most of your asking price? If you are looking to quickly list and sell your home, you should consider listing your home right now before the end of the month! Just think about it: if people are out shopping for homes in the freezing cold of Iowa winters, they are eager buyers.

2016 Des Moines Home-Selling Statistics

Based on data from the Des Moines Area MLS (Multiple Listings Service), the average time on the market last year (2015) for Des Moines including all the major suburbs like Urbandale, Waukee, Johnston, and West Des Moines was 91 days! Space Simply's listings had an average time on market of 77 days.

During the period from mid-February to mid-April in 2015, 457 single family homes were sold in the Western suburbs. Those 457 homes sold for an average of $275,847 and received an astounding 99.38% of the asking price!

The main point: Homes sell very quickly and for almost 100% of asking price in the spring. 

Homes Sell Because Buyers are Eager

Contact Cy TodayIf buyers are out in the freezing late Winter, it is not because they enjoy trudging through the snow. It is because they need to buy. These shoppers have every intention of finding their dream home and making offers.

“In my experience, it seems as though buyers have the biggest urgency from late February through April. I see more multiple-offer situations, more homes selling at or above list price and the days on market seems to be lower than during other months. In fact, last year homes that were listed between February 15 and April 15, 2014, sold in 28 days on average!” -Cy Phillips

Why Homes Sell: Less Competition

Traditionally, there are fewer homes for sell during this period which is a great thing for sellers since there is less competition, creating fewer options for buyers. Homeowners like to move and shop for new homes during the spring and summer months when weather is better to be outside and to eventually move.

Also at play is the Des Moines market. Just recently, Politico called Des Moines a “cool city” which is one of the many reasons Des Moines is a thriving Midwestern city. More and more people are moving to Des Moines for great career opportunities and they need a place to live; quickly. If you’re considering selling your home, don’t waste any more time; buyers are ready!

Still Have Questions? Contact Space Simply!

If you are still wondering why February, March and April are the best months to list your home or the best way to make a quick turnaround and get your home ready for listing - Space Simply is ready to answer your questions and help you sell your home! Connect with us online or at (515) 423-0899 to discover how you can list your home with Space Simply and avoid the expensive fees and commissions associated with traditional real estate agents.