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How to Stage my Home to Sell

how to stage my home to sell

Deciding to sell your home is always a challenging and busy time; and then once you decide to put your home on the market, you need to present it for prospective buyers. And the last thing you need during the home selling process is to have more stress.

Space Simply believes in presenting your home authentically while still ensuring that prospective shoppers see the home in use. If you have a foosball table, don’t hide it. You never know if prospective shoppers may also have a table then plan to keep.

Keep it clean

First impressions matter. Even before you place your home on the market, there are a few things you must pay attention to. If people come to view your house and there are clothes on the floor or dust on top of the toaster oven, shoppers notice and often gives prospective buyers pause.

First impressions are even more important on the exterior of the house. Once the “For Sale” sign goes into the front yard, the spotlight is on your house. Leaves piled around trees, droopy flowers, and peeling paint all give shoppers a reason to not stop to consider themselves living there.

Send Clutter Packing

Contact Cy TodayWhile it is always nice for shoppers to see how rooms are set up and how furniture fits into every room, they don’t need to see all your boxes and storage containers stacked in the basement and garage.

If there is no other option, be sure in the very least to have your storage areas organized. Boxes tossed about with nowhere to walk in the garage is a signal you do not want to send to shoppers.

Keep It Up

When the grass needs to be cut, cut it. Run the weed-eater more often than usual. Make sure the sidewalks are clear from grass clippings. And trim up the shrubs.

Of course, you should do those things when your home is not on the market, but if people see that you’re lax on the upkeep outside, they are going to wonder if you’re lax on other areas of the house too. The last thing you want to do is give reasons for interested parties not to be interested.

Lights. Lights. Lights.

It takes a tiny amount of investment, but change out some of your lightbulbs in the main rooms and some of the darker rooms to LED lights.

No one wants a dark house. Pay close attention to the wattage of the lights in your lamps and overhead fixtures. You’re going to want to have 100 watts for every 50 square feet of space.

Make Subtle Changes

Don’t be afraid to change the layout of your rooms. Put a vase in a different room place. Move a picture from one room to another. It will change how the house feels to you and it will add a little spark to have things not “perfect” for home buyers.

Also, consider moving furniture to new spaces to showcase how the space can be used. Don’t leave everything in the safe and traditional position. By changing up your layout, it may spark creativity in shoppers and thus make them more apt to picture themselves in your home.

Finally, nothing beats picking up a few new accessories for the main rooms for the finishing touch.

These five items are guaranteed to make your home sparkle for home shoppers across the Des Moines region.  


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