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What It Means To Be a Full Service, Flat Fee Realtor

Full Service. Flat Fee. Realtor.

Over the two years, Space Simply has worked with hundreds of individuals and families to buy and sell their homes across Des Moines. Our agents are knowledgeable in every city across the metro; Johnston, Waukee, Clive, Urbandale, and West Des Moines! Because we are shopping for your perfect home we want the process to be as stress-free and seamless as possible. 

What is Full Service. Flat Fee.?

When we say, “Full Service. Flat Fee.” we mean it. Each and every agent at Space Simply helps clients buy and sell homes, assists you in understanding every step of the home buying and selling process, coordinates negotiations, and manages the Realtor legal process and paperwork. For buyers -- especially first-time home buyers -- our team helps throughout the entire negotiation process from the first offer to closing. In fact, we will be there when you sign on the dotted line and make your dream house yours! 

With “Flat Fee”, it means that Space Simply is focused on finding the best house for you, regardless of price. We want you to be happy in your home for the long-term, and if you do decide to leave it one day, have you trust us to help you sell it to someone else. Instead of a typical 7% fee, we charge $2495 to sell your home, nothing more.

To enhance the concept of being a full service Realtor, Space Simply also provides staging advice and professional photography!

Since opening our doors two years ago, Space Simply has received an incredible amount of support from the Central Iowa community. We have received an overwhelmingly positive response to our full service, flat fee listing business model from sellers and an equal amount of support from the buyers we have successfully represented.

“Many homeowners want to sell their homes, but do not know where to start or don't have the legal resources at their disposal to do so. It is this shift that prompted me to start Space Simply. Space Simply simplifies and reduces the cost of selling your home, while helping you keep more of your investment." -Cy Phillips

The best part is, we have been able to save our clients thousands of dollars without sacrificing top-notch service. Space Simply uses sophisticated digital marketing tactics, industry expertise and modern technology to help clients buy and sell homes in the most efficient, effective way possible.

That’s what being full service and flat fee means. We are invested in finding you the perfect home and saving you a bit of money in the process.

Connect with us online or call us at (515) 423-0899 to get started with Space Simply today.